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Genuine Care, Genuine Spares

In the quest for higher up time and greater efficiency, the onus is not on any one or a group of aggregates, but on every single part of the vehicle. BK Automobiles Ltd. spares no efforts in ensuring the highest up time and operational performance for your vehicles.

Each of the nearly 50,000 parts that go into making an BK Automobiles Ltd. product is the result of years of research and rigorous quality standards, to deliver durability, And when it comes to spares, all of these parts, without exception, are made available to the customer.

The BK Automobiles Ltd. spare parts commitment is two-fold:

We manufacture the same parts that are put into brand new vehicles and for the aftermarket as well.
And, we ensure the widest spread of availability of spare parts–through a vast network of outlets, exclusive retail stores and as customized kits.
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